Legends on the road.

Premium alloy wheels with finishes that exceed expectations that trucks will wear with pride for years to come. Our wheels make rigs truly shine, turn heads, and elevate trucks to ‘legendary’ status.

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Can you stand the attention?

Our NEW finish, exclusive to Armoury Wheels. Long-lasting shine, polish-free, durable performance, and seriously good looks.

With a finish slicker than greased lightning, enjoy outstanding protection and a whole lotta’ second glances – no matter how much distance you’re covering.

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Our fleet of legends.

Browse our gallery of iconic trucks from around Australia, proudly wearing Armoury Wheels.

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Armoury group

Australia's Toughest Truck Accessories

At Armoury Group, we are the ultimate destination for any truck owner who wants their truck to not only sound good but look GREAT!!