Designed for those of us who demand quality, performance, and value for money, ArmourBrite is the next generation premium finish by Armoury Wheels.

It's top of the line in polish and performance.

Like you, we wanted long-lasting shine without having to take out a loan for the privilege.

So when we couldn't find the perfect product, we created it.

ArmourBrite Wheels - made for Aussie trucks.

Sound too good to be true? Give us a call on 1300 005 576 - whether you have one or a hundred questions, we'll take the time to answer them.

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You can count on ArmourBrite - the premium finish wheel.

  • Ultra-quality drop-forged alloy wheels
  • High-performance finish
  • Polish-free gloss
  • Wheels that take some serious flack.
Traditional Offset Steer Alloy Wheels - ARSC135 26

Save time

  • Polish-free
  • Resists dirt, sea salt and stains

Save money

  • Long-lasting, high quality performance
  • No UV radiation damage

Save the environment

  • No need for harsh chemicals
  • 90% less time to clean

Save your rig's good looks

  • Turn heads with wheels that can truly go the distance without losing shine

ArmourBrite is the brainchild of Armoury Wheels, a reputable Aussie company

We've been in the trucking industry for decades.

Our story is sincere - we couldn't find a high-quality solution to our needs without breaking the bank, so we created our own.

If you're after highly polished performance at a fair price, talk to us. And let the good times roll.

Call us today 1300 005 576

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