Sodhi Bus Alloy Wheels

22 February 2022


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Talk to the team about the benefits of our Alloy wheels such as improved handling and weight reduction.

We love seeing our Armoury Wheels alloys out in the wild so when Sodhi Bus Service came to us wanting to upgrade their fleet, we were delighted to be able to meet their needs. Sohdi Bus Company is a locally owned and operated business in New South Wales, offering services from school bus runs to private charters. Their fleet consists of buses ranging from 24 to 61 seats. With this in mind, we were able to work with them to find the perfect chrome alloy wheels that looked great, worked with the rest of their fleet and will withstand the mileage they do year on year. The product of choice was the ARC61 Alloy Wheels, a great choice! With the ARC61 Alloy wheels, you can nearly halve your tare weight with this Drive/Steer alloy wheel. At Armoury Wheels, we make the process easier by supplying retrofit wheel nuts. We are able to offer a range of finishes including ArmourChrome, ArmourBrite, ArmourMirror and ArmourMachine. To view our range of finishes, head to the Surfaces Finishes page.
At Armoury Wheels, we have an extensive range of chrome alloy wheels for buses, trucks and trailers in a range of different finish options. Our premium alloy wheels exceed expectations in quality and looks. Your truck, bush or trailer will wear our alloy wheels with pride and become legendary on the road. View our gallery to see more Armoury Wheels legends out in the wild.
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ARC61 26 Steer