Spot the difference - Polished alloy wheels

17 February 2021


Spot the Armoury Wheels difference!

Check out this side by side comparison of two Isuzu 260 trucks, one with the ultimate in chrome accessories, and one without. Anyone can see how our Polished Alloy wheels, Armoury Stainless Visor and Bumper Strip really elevate the entire look of this truck. It's amazing what a difference a few small upgrades can do to the the visual appearance of a truck, but also in terms of function and longevity.

Here's a few reasons why these chrome Armoury Wheels products can protect your rig.

Armoury Stainless Visor -

Safeguards the windscreen from scratches and bugs
Helps maintain optimal temperatures
Prevents sun damage to the interior
Looks streamlined

Armoury Bumper Strip -

Protects your truck while parked or on the move
Protects your paint job
Acts as an additional safety barrier
Looks streamlined

Armoury Polished Alloy Wheels -

Lighter weight compared to steel wheels
Protects tyres and rims
Looks streamlined

If we haven't convinced you to get some chrome alloys and accessories then you better head over to our Products page to view the full range. We've got your rig covered with our premium alloy wheels in a variety of finishes including shiny, smooth and more!

our team today to learn more. We're ready to get your truck or bus looking and performing its best!