Wheels that turn heads.

Details matter. For superior performance, looks and durability, Armoury Wheels finishes are designed to stand up to the test of the open road.


Classic finish with character.

ArmourChrome is a premium, durable finish with an incredible shine. Add value to your vehicle with this super-reflective, attention-grabbing finish.

Choose ArmourChrome if you’re looking for:

  • Eye-catching consistent shine
  • High resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Easy to clean, smooth finish


Challenging the status quo

ArmourBrite is the next generation of premium wheel finish, combining superior performance with polish-free, long-lasting shine. Designed and created exclusively for Armoury Wheels, ArmourBrite champions durability, protection and style for wheels that go the distance.

Discover the ultimate easy-clean wheel for a legendary finish with unbeatable value.

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Choose ArmourBrite if you are looking for:

  • Ultra-quality drop forged wheels
  • Polish-free gloss
  • 90% less time to clean
  • Water and stain resistant
  • Unbeatable value

Premium performance, crafted without compromise.


Designed exclusively for Armoury Wheels, for legends on the road.


Maximum durability to rely on, resistant to dirt, salt and UV damage.


Long-lasting, attention-grabbing results with a polish-free shine.


Reduces cleaning time by 90%, with no need for harsh chemicals.


Shine that makes an impression.

Polish is one of the most versatile finishes you can find. With a dual-sided, mirrored finish, achieve a flawless look with high-performing protection.

Choose Polish if you’re looking for:

  • High level of durability
  • Legendary shine
  • Cost-effective option


Wheels that work hard

Machine offers all the durability, with none of the fuss. For those who are looking for a versatile, high-performing finish but can forgo the shine.

Choose Machine if you’re looking for:

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Inner and spare wheel finishes

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