Our Finishes


For those who want classic chrome that turns heads!

ArmourChrome is the premier ‘top of the range’ finish for wheels. Durable with a consistent, incredible shine that adds value to your vehicle like no other wheel possibly can. If you want to drive a legendary truck that makes people double-take, then our ArmourChrome finish is for you – no question!

  • Shiniest wheels
  • Smooth finish
  • Durable
  • Resistant to some wear & corrosion damage
  • Easy to clean


For those who want both polish-free shine & hardy performance!

ArmourBrite is the next-generation premium finish created exclusively by Armoury Wheels. It’s designed for trucks that work hard, play hard, and want to look good doing it (without breaking the bank). If you want polish-free wheels with long-lasting shine, outstanding durability and protection, and eyes glued to your rig every road you roll down… then look no further than ArmourBrite!

This innovative finish reduces cleaning time by up to 90%, repelling water and resistant to stains. With ArmourBrite protection, you get no dirt particles, salt deposits, or UV damage, just blinding shine all the time. Can you stand the attention?

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  • Ultra-quality drop-forged alloy wheels
  • Great shine
  • No need to EVER polish
  • Reduces cleaning time by 90%
  • Long-lasting, anti-stick protection
  • Reasonable price


For those who want the shine without the spend!

With ArmourMirror you can have it all … premium alloy wheels that shine without the steep price tag attached. With its dual-sided polished finish, ArmourMirror is one of the most versatile, cost-effective options for your wheels.

That occasional polish is all it takes to keep wheels in this finish in tip-top condition. With the increased payload and savings on fuel that Armoury wheels bring, they’ll pay for themselves in no time!

  • Cost-effective
  • VERY durable
  • Shiny finish
  • Requires regular polishing & upkeep


For those focused on savings, not so much the shine!

Alloy wheels with ‘no frills’, focused on the money savings! If you’re more concerned with lowering your fuel consumption and increasing your payload than shine, then our ArmourMachine wheels are for you. Run these on the inner wheel or as your spare.